Cascade Gardener – Virtual Classes

Cascade Water Alliance offers an annual series of free gardening classes to help you have beautiful, healthy landscapes while using water efficiently.

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The 2022 Cascade Gardener classes will be held through Zoom.

March 19:  Sustainable Gardening, A Better Way to Beautiful, by Peggy Campbell

Design considerations and cultivation techniques that are more sustainable for the environment, the gardener, and water use.

March 26:  Gardening for Wildlife, by Greg Rabourn

April 2:  How to Use Mulch for a More Drought Resilient Garden, by Christina Pfeiffer

Last summer’s heat dome was a hard lesson on how quicky soil moisture can be depleted.  Applying the right mulch material at the right time of year can make all the difference in capturing and retaining moisture.  Learn how to put compost, leaf mold, and a variety of mulch materials to optimal use in your garden.

April 9:  Heavenly H Plants, by Marianne Binetti

Want to know more about growing hydrangeas, hellebores, and heucheras? I share my secrets in this presentation called “The Heavenly H Plants.”

April 23:  Let’s do Easy to Grow Plants that Beneficial Creatures Love, by Lisa Taylor

Let’s explore some easy-to-grow plants that attract pollinators and other beneficial creatures.

April 30:  Weeds and Water: Wisdom for Resiliency, by Jessi Bloom

Join Jessi Bloom in this workshop which will increase your ecological literacy and make life living in your garden easier. She will cover two of the most important elements in land management and will share useful permaculture tools and solutions to increase your resiliency. You will gain a better understanding of how to effectively manage water on the land, and also learn easy peasy organic solutions to weed management.