About Us

Welcome to the website for the Master Gardener Foundation of Thurston County (MGFTC). We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization whose purposes are:

  • To support and enhance the Washington State University Thurston County Extension Master Gardener/Master Recycler Composter (MG/MRC) Programs.
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information between members of the organization.
  • To inform and educate the citizens and decision makers of Thurston County about the value of the MG/MRC programs.

The foundation is the major contributor, supporter and sustainer of the Thurston County Demonstration Gardens. We also help fund the clinics which provide gardening information to the public in Thurston County. Comprised of volunteers, the foundation organizes educational field trips to nearby horticultural sites, sponsors guest speakers at foundation meetings, and hosts an annual plant sale.

Join the Foundation
The foundation is also sustained through membership dues. Please join us today and support the clinics, demonstration gardens and compost program.

Vision Statement

The Master Gardener Foundation of Thurston County is recognized as a vibrant community of people interested in gardening, recycling, and composting.

Mission Statement

Support an environmentally healthy community by raising funds for and awareness of the WSU Master Gardener and Thurston County Master Recycler Composter Programs.

2022 Foundation Goals

• Improve Foundation Membership Experience

  • Discontinue quarterly newsletter and implement a multi-prong approach to reach Foundation members monthly, using MGFTC website posts, emails to membership, and Facebook.
  • Survey membership to understand their interest in types of activities during this challenging time.
  • Board and committee chairs should brainstorm suggested activities from survey appropriate within COVID guidelines and report back to members.
  • Table appointing an Activities Chair until COVID restrictions are lifted.

• Ensure the sustainability of the Foundation through leadership development including strategic planning.

  • Continue formal orientation, one-on-one, and specialty (e.g., Financial) orientation.
  • Review and update remaining Committee chair job descriptions and Committee Guidelines.
  • Review and update Board Job Descriptions, as needed.

• Increase Foundation visibility and outreach throughout Thurston County

  • Recruit Communication Team Leader and convene Communication Team to determine scope of work in conjunction with the MG / MRC Program Communication Team.
  • Sustain sponsor awareness by keeping them informed of Foundation activities. Provide a complimentary calendar to long term sponsors or otherwise acknowledging their contributions.
  • Early in the year coordinate across Foundation committees to ensure sponsor list is understood by all persons making contacts with sponsors. Expand the list as needed.The list of sponsors will be maintained by the VP.
  • Support Program Services to install signage, using the grant funds awarded to the Foundation. Plan for irrigation at Plant Sale Nursery, and support Program Services with planning for irrigation at three Demonstration Gardens.
  • Work toward achieving GuideStar Platinum level, from our current Silver level, through the work of the Grant / Sponsorship Committee.The Publicity Committee will:
    1. Submit an article to The Olympian and list MGFTC in Sourcebook.
    2. Submit articles to area newsletters such as Panorama.
    3. Use Next Door to increase our visibility.

• Embrace available technology to ensure Foundation effectiveness

  • Continue using Cheddar Up.Update Treasurer’s MGFTC computer.
  • Continue to support the Cervis volunteer data system.
  • Improve the MGFTC website’s accessibility by:
    1. Conducting a survey of the MGFTC members to determine what they need from the MGFTC website.
    2. Developing a list of required website functionalities.

• Improve diversity of Fundraising

  • Work with Committee Chairs to prioritize fundraising activities given Covid limitations and fewer volunteers.
  • Continue and grow sponsorships as activities allow.
  • Explore working with the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound “Give Local” and donor-advised fund by the Grants / Sponsorship Committee.
  • Continue producing and selling the MGFTC calendar.
  • Continue promoting individual giving through CFD, Amazon Smile, Fred Meyer, Thriftway, etc.The Grants / Sponsorship Committee will develop and introduce a planned giving program.

    The Grants / Sponsorship Committee will develop and introduce donor giving through IRA Required Minimum Distributions.