Foundation Meeting: Native by Design – Virtual

Gardening to Invite and Support Biodiversity
Thursday, June 16
6:30 PM – Membership Meeting
7:00 PM – Guest Speaker, Eileen Stark
Virtual Presentation via Zoom
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Non-members are welcome to participate for $5.
For an additional $5 you can become a foundation member and attend for free as well as take advantage of all the other benefits of membership.

In the face of disappearing biodiversity, gardeners can play a crucial role in slowing the rate of extinction. Reestablishing native plants—that are the basis of healthy food webs—sustains life, sequesters carbon, negates the need for chemicals, manages water, and offers other rich rewards. 

Learn how to garden with an ecologic focus by:

  • utilizing the basic design elements of native gardening
  • choosing and arranging regional plants in their natural associations and according to site conditions, and
  • maintaining your garden with wildlife-friendly techniques.

Discover, through stunning photographs, some of the wildlife that native designs support.  

Bio: Eileen Stark is a Portland-based ecological landscape designer, consultant, writer and photographer. Her academic background includes biology, wildlife ecology, and design. She is a deeply committed conservationist who strives to create awareness of the myriad creatures with which we share this fragile planet. Her book, Real Gardens Grow Natives: Design, Plant, and Enjoy a Healthy Northwest Garden has received rave reviews and helps guide Pacific Northwest gardeners in designing for both beauty and biodiversity. 

We hope to see you there!